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Whether you drive a car, truck, van, or boat, it deserves to be shielded from environmental hazards like road debris, rock chips, and divots. You can achieve that by installing paint protection film.

If you're looking for the best paint protection film installer in Northern Utah, look no further than Armored Clear Bra PPF. We have a long history of providing the best paint protection film, ceramic coating, car detailing, vehicle window tinting, and whole-car PPF services.

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Armored Clear Bra - Denver paint protection film

What is Clear Bra?

Clear bra is paint protection film (PPF). It is a protective, transparent, tough polyurethane film that adheres to your car's paint.

It's designed to be invisible and to absorb the small punishments that wear your paint finish down over the years. It deflects road gravel, preventing rock chips and divots. It keeps scuffs and scrapes from reaching your paint.

In short, PPF a shield to protect your investment and preserve your car’s value.

Why Clear Bra Protection 

You can't go wrong with investing in paint protection film for your vehicle. A clear bra is a must-have for various reasons:

• Paint protection film preserves the resale value of your vehicle, making it an investment with positive ROI.
• A clear bra can be maintained by washing and drying the vehicle on a regular basis
• PPF can be applied to new and used cars alike to preserve factory paint.
• A clear bra can be applied to the hood, fender, bumper, rocker panels, door edges, side view mirrors, or you can opt for a clear bra for the entire car
• PPF can last for many years.
Armored Clear Bra - Denver paint protection film
Armored Clear Bra - Denver paint protection film

The Best PPF Installer in Ogden

As one of the finest clear bra installers in Northern Utah, Armored Clear Bra PPF goes to every length to ensure that our customers get the best service for their vehicles.

Our clear bra installers are the best in the business. We have years of experience installing PPF, as well as ceramic coating, window tint, and vinyl wraps.

While there are many excellent PPF products on the market, we prefer Solar Gard's PPF.

We aim to complete the PPF installation in one day, depending on the size of your vehicle and the package you select.

Ready to install a clear bra on your car? Call us at (801) 896 9538 or email

SolarGuard Certified Clearshield Pro Hydro PPF Installer 

Armored Clear Bra is Northern Utah's only certified installer of the SolarGuard clearshield pro hydro paint protection film.

With the PPF's long-lasting protection capacity, you won't have to be concerned about environmental contaminants while driving. 

Armored Clear Bra PPF can apply SolarGuard clearshield pro clear bra to your entire vehicle, or to any of the various surfaces of your car.

Armored Clear Bra PPF is a SolarGuard Certified Clearshield Pro Hydro PPF Installer

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Clear Bra Q&A

What is the best vehicle clear bra?
3M, Xpel, Ceramic Pro, and Avery Dennison all make terrific automotive paint protection films, with hydrophobic properties to repel bug splatter and water spots, resistance to yellowing under UV exposure, improved impact protection, enhanced durability, self-healing properties, and more. All are variations of highly engineered urethane film or polyurethane film designed for automotive applications. 

Here at Armored Clear Bra PPF, we prefer the paint protection products manufactured by Solar Gard over other amazing options such as Xpel Ultimate, 3M Scotchgard, and others. Why Solar Gard protective film? We find it equivalent to the competition in every area that matters, superior in a few aspects, and very easy to work with and apply. It's suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and applications, whether you want paint protection film over your entire vehicle or the front end only.
Do modern cars need paint protection?
Yes, modern cars need paint protection film as much as any other car. Vehicle paint still chips, and the rugged polyurethane of paint protection film is designed to withstand small rocks and road debris.
How do you maintain paint protection film?
Paint protection film is made of rugged, durable polyurethane and doesn't need a tremendous amount of maintenance. With most brands of paint protection film, regular washing and drying of the car and its clear bra is enough. Use a microfiber towel to rub the clear bra dry (just like you do with your vehicle paint). Avoid using aggressive cleaning or polishing products.
How much does PPF cost?
Most paint protection film shops charge between $600 to $1000 for a clear bra (PPF for the front of the Vehicle, where most of the paint damage occurs), and more than that if the car owner wants paint protection film over more of the vehicle. Usually, that $600 to $1000 range involves several levels of paint protection film, with the bumper, mirrors, and hood being a lower level, the full hood costing a bit more, and so forth.

Again, every paint protection film shop will have their own variation on this, so take this with a grain of salt! Also, be very wary of a PPF installation shop charging below this price range, as they could be using cheap vinyl film that does not afford the same protection as the trusted name brands. Additionally, they could be cutting corners by trying to cut the film on your vehicle, skipping important preparation steps, or other time-saving measures.

For a free paint protection film estimate, call Armored Clear Bra PPF of Ogden, Utah today at (801) 896 9538!
Is clear bra protection worth it?
In most cases, automotive protective film is absolutely worth it. When considering whether it is worth the money, it's important to consider the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle and the condition of its paint.

If we assume for a moment that the clear bra will cost $700 (a fairly average cost for Paint protection film), and you drive a $70,000 car, then the marginal cost of 1% of your car's worth will definitely pay off in the long term in the resale value of your car. On the other hand, if you drive a $700 car, paying the value of your vehicle to protect your vehicle doesn't make any sense at all.

In between these examples, you have to factor in how long you plan to keep the vehicle, how many freeway miles you log (more paint chips happen at high speeds, which happen on a freeway), and how good or bad the paint currently is (more worthwhile to protect pristine paint than already-chipped paint).
Should I get paint protection for my new car?
The best time to protect your car is when it's new. Your car's paint will only go downhill from there, and a clear bra will preserve your paint and mitigate future damage. The payoff in resale value alone is huge, not to mention the satisfaction of having your car look great several years down the road!
How long does paint protection last?
Paint protection film is made of durable Polyurethane and can last a long time when properly cared for. In many cases, a clear bra can remain serviceable and in good condition for ten years or more.
Are car bras bad for your car?
No, clear bra is not bad for your car! On the contrary, it preserves your car's paint and protects it from stone chips and other damage. Having a clear bra on your car's hood, fender, bumper, rocker panels, door edges, side view mirrors, and other commonly chipped areas will keep your vehicle and its paint looking good for a long time to come! 

Armored Clear Bra PPF is happy to discuss paint protection film and how it can be the best automotive decision you ever made! Get started on your path to automotive paint protection by giving us a call at (801) 896 9538!
Can clear bra be patched?
Here at Armored Clear Bra PPF, we don't recommend trying to patch paint protection film, or clear bra. 

There are several reasons we don't attempt patches. 

The first reason is that you NEVER want to cut into your vehicle paint (Armored Clear Bra PPF always precuts our clear bras prior to installation, using a template). 

The second reason is that any patch would still have visible edges and would never look quite right. That's why we always remove and replace the damaged section. For example, if a bumper clear bra had some damage, we'd remove it from the bumper, cut a new paint protection film to match, and reapply it to the bumper. Good to go with new paint protection film! 

If you have any issues with your existing paint protection film, call Armored Clear Bra PPF at (801) 896 9538 for a free estimate on replacing it!
Can clear bras buff?
When asking whether you can polish paint protection film, you first need to realize that there are many different brands of paint protection film on the market with different performance profiles. Some would respond better than others to buffing. Additionally, there are different degrees of buffing, so a gentle approach may be fine on many clear bras while an aggressive polishing may not. So, when thinking about buffing a clear bra, you should study manufacturer recommendations.

Self-healing paint protection thing, a hot market trend right now, is designed to be restored to the right type of finish with the proper type of buffing, but this type of restoration is best done by a paint protection professional certified in working with that specific clear bra brand.
Above all, if you're going to try buffing your clear bra, test it on a small, unobtrusive section of your vehicle paint protection film to see how the clear bra responds!
Can you polish a car with paint protection?
Most manufacturers of paint protection film say that polishing the clear bra will void the manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, proceed at your own risk!

If a paint protection film is designed to be self-healing, however, than it is intended to be abraded lightly and in a very specific manner to stimulate the polyurethane healing process. This clear bra self-healing stimulation should only be done by an auto detailing professional trained in the methods of that specific paint protection film brand.
Can you wax a car with paint protection?
Can paint protection film be waxed? It depends on brand of paint protection film, and on the type of vehicle wax as well. Check the manufacturer's Q&A page: 3M, Xpel, Avery Dennison, and other major clear bra manufacturers have answers to this question in their FAQ section on their websites.

Generally, though, as far as Armored Clear Bra PPF is concerned, there should be no need to wax paint protection film, as a quality paint protection film should hold up extremely well on its own. The rugged polyurethane that most clear bras are made of stays glossy for a long time, and many clear bra manufacturers have released self-healing paint protection film that can be restored with specific types of brushing or other procedures by trained clear bra professionals.
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