Tesla Model Y clear bra dallas Texas

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Day to day operations at Clear Bra North Dallas installing paint protection film on Tesla Model Y’s in our clean room.

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Women Transparent Clear Bra/ Invisible Strap Plastic Bra/ Disposable Underwear Bra-buy at low prices

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Women Transparent Clear Bra/ Invisible Strap Plastic Bra Disposable Underwear Bra-buy at low prices | HELP TALK

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Lexus IS 350 F-Sport PPF Clear bra install.

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Installing paint protection film/ Clear bra on full front end on a 2017 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport. The paint protection film used in the video for this project was Xpel.

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Before you replace your paint protection film, WATCH THIS! | FAQ series by ESOTERIC!

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Your paint protection film (PPF) might be looking a bit worn, but you might not need to completely replace it! Check out this video for more information on how to care for worn paint protection film.


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This weeks episode is about the benefits of clear bra versus the benefits of ceramic coating. Is clear bra worth the money? Is ceramic coating worth the money?

Which do you choose?

Which one is best for your car?

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Tesla Model Y - Xpel Paint Protection Film Installation

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This brand new Tesla Model Y get Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film installed on the hood and front bumper.

Watch as I show you how I installed Clear bra on this Tesla Model Y.

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How to maintain and wash Paint Protection Film?

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Gordon at Sun Stoppers Uptown Charlotte describes how to clean and keep your car's newly applied paint protection film spotless. Why is it important to keep your film edges clean? This helps with the longevity of the 10 year warranty on XPEL paint protection film.

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X-Pel Clear Bra PPF "paint protection film" test video @YST Auto

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X-Pel Clear Bra PPF "paint protection film" test video
YST Auto / Mississauga / Toronto / Ontario / Canada
Contact us: info@ysttuning.com

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How to Remove Clear Bra: $12M Ferrari 250 GT LWB

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How to Remove a Clear Bra on a $12M 1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB is pretty much the same as any other car, but the consequences are slightly higher 🙂 Heating up the glue with water, heat gun, or steamer is acceptable practice. For this removal, I simply used a heat gun. The goal is to heat-up the glue and gently peel the bra off of the existing paint. This is a slow and steady process. I will be editing a detailing video on this special paint very soon as well. Thx for watching! -L

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Scratching And Healing My Own Car - How Protective Films Work

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How XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protective Film Self Heals Car Scratches
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Is the film removable? Yes! The adhesive is well balanced so that the film is completely removable, but it adheres well enough that if it's installed correctly it will not peel up, nor will dirt work it's way under the edges.

Can areas other than the front, for example doors and rocker panels, be covered with protective film? Yes! Installers regularly cover the painted surfaces of entire vehicles (such as my S2000). And it's not just sports cars, they often fully cover pickups and SUVs, adding protection for work sites, off road, and on road debris. A client can have paint protection film put on as much or as little of their vehicle as he or she likes.

What is this XPEL ULTIMATE? Well it’s made up of three layers, plus a release liner. The release liner is about 3 mil thick, and is removed before installation to reveal the adhesive. The next layer is an acrylic adhesive, about 1.6 mil thick. The adhesive bonds the protective film to the car, but it also has a stronger bond to the film layer than your car, which means you could always remove the film down the line if you choose to. The second layer, and the meat of the film is a 6 mil polyurethane layer. This layer is important for energy absorption, so if a rock were to hit your car, the layer dissipates the energy across a wider surface area, and prevents your paint from chipping.

Now if you were to stop with just two layers, the urethane layer is porous. These pores tend to open up with heat, and close when it’s cold. As a result, you could get pollen, diesel exhaust particulates, dust, and other road grime that could build up in the pores, and eventually you would see the film start to discolor. To prevent this, XPEL ULTIMATE has one final layer, a clear coat about 0.5 mil thick. This top coat is a harder layer, but it’s still very capable of being stretched. The hard, smooth top layer makes the film more environmentally stable, providing self-healing properties, chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, and preventing contaminants from entering the film and discoloring it.

But of course the question you’re wondering is how does this stuff self-heal simply with the application of heat? From a physical standpoint, the important thing to understand is that these scratches are more like surface rearrangements, rather than tears in the film. The film can withstand a lot of pressure without tearing, though of course if you were to take for example a knife and stab through it, you cannot heal a tear through the entire film. Using a wire brush and creating surface scratches, what’s actually happening is the surface of the film is simply being re-arranged into a different shape. The film wants to return to its lowest energy state, but because it’s relatively cool, the film maintains the shape created with the wire brush. When you add heat, it allows the film to return to its lowest, flattest energy state, and once again it appears perfectly smooth and clear. You could almost think of it like an ice-cube, not a perfect analogy, but you can scratch an ice cube, heat up the scratches back to a smooth state, and then re-freeze it back to its original state. In a similar manner, heat allows this film to return to its original state. And it doesn’t even necessarily require a ton of heat, simple letting the car sit outside in the sun will let the film return to its lowest energy state.

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