Challenger Hellcat Redeye - Full Paint Protection Film Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating

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Challenger Hellcat Redeye - Full Paint Protection Film Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating


37451 Jansen Ter
Fremont, CA 94536

Phone: (925) 273-7487


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OCDetail is what the name would suggest! Obsessive and compulsive about details. We strive for the best result and push to always exceed expectations on any service. We always do our best to make sure we are on top of the best practices and most current tech to meet our customers needs.

Paint Correction
Paint Protection
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Window Polishing & Coating
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Graphene Coatings VS Ceramic Coatings

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Graphene coatings are now being sold in the detailing world as an innovation over Ceramic Coatings. They claim to have better protection and water spot resistance than Ceramic Coatings, but is it all hype? Join me as I test Ethos Graphene coating against Gtehcniq Crystal Serum Light and learn as much as I can about this new coating.

Correction 6:24 Ethos recommends waiting 1 hour before applying second layer

Products used in this video:
Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light -
Ethos Graphene - We no longer carry Ethos Graphene
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Meguiar's D101 All Purpose Cleaner -
Gloss Meter -

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Model Y Paint Protection Film Gone HORRIBLY WRONG

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I meet with another Tesla Model Y owner that also got XPEL Stealth paint protection film, but it went HORRIBLY WRONG. From cut paint, bubbling PPF and a stained interior, this is truly the worst case scenario when getting tint and PPF done on your car. In this video we learn that it is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to make sure you find a skilled installer when getting PPF on your Model Y. Buyer Beware!

0:00 Intro/My PPF
3:14 PPF Disaster - Exterior
5:46 Interior Staining From Tint Install
6:30 More Exterior, Frunk/Trunk and Sensors
8:53 Outro/Lesson Learned

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BMW's are one of our favorite cars to have in our shop. Last week we had this 430i BMW in for ceramic coating. Besides doing our paint correction process and all of the prep work needed before our ceramic coating application, we also did some minor paint touch-ups. As always, thanks for watching!




Ceramic Wizards Paint Protection

4438 Buchanan Ave SW

Grand Rapids MI 49548

(616) 207 4925

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Is Your Car Getting Enough Exercise During The Pandemic?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has landed many people in their homes. Even if you still have to drive to work occasionally, you’ve probably minimized outings with friends, rides to the malls, road trips, and the like.

Since your vehicle is now spending the majority of its time in the driveway or garage, it needs extra attention. Cars are designed to be used regularly. They don’t appreciate lockdown orders any more than people do.

Let’s look at a few ways you can keep your vehicle in top shape during the pandemic so it’s ready to go once the virus retreats.

1. Keep the Battery Charged

Car batteries discharge when you don’t use them for a long time. The duration of that period depends on several factors:

In an average vehicle, a new battery can last for about four weeks without recharging. However, hardly all cars are created equal. To make sure your car is ready to go whenever you need it, drive around the block a few times at least once a week.

If you can’t go out for a drive, consider investing in a trickle charger. Pandemic or not, it’s a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

2. Lubricate Moving Parts of Your Vehicle

Mechanical parts of your vehicle need regular lubrication. When the car sits idle for a long tile, oil settles, fluids separate, and seals dry out. Eventually, when you start the vehicle and mechanical parts begin moving, they may break down due to the lack of lubrication.

To keep the transmission, brakes, and engine properly lubricated, you need to drive your vehicle occasionally. Remember, simply running it idly won’t do the trick. You’d need to take the car out for a spin around the neighborhood at least twice a month.

3. Watch Where You Park

Unless you have a paved driveway or a garage, you need to be careful about where you park your vehicle.

The moisture in the grass and soil causes problems as it evaporates. The droplets collect and condense under the chassis. The water sits inside hollows and pockets in the undercarriage of your vehicle, causing it rust. The problem gets worse when salt, sand, and small mineral rocks with inert chemicals are present in the soil.

So if you need to leave your car for more than a couple of days, chose pavement or gravel.

Pro tip: avoid parking under trees. Unless you install paint protection film, sap and bird droppings can damage the paint.

4. Fill Up the Tank

By filling up the tank before parking your car for a long time, you are killing several birds with one stone:

Additionally, you can purchase a fuel stabilizer to avoid ethanol buildup and protect the engine from gum and rust. However, it’s only reasonable if you aren’t planning to use the car for more than one month.

5. Don’t Use the Parking Brake

When you leave your vehicle longer than for a few weeks, don’t use the parking brake. When brake pads touch the rotors for too long, they may fuse.

A simple way to avoid such a problem is to take your vehicle out for a short drive every couple of weeks.

6. Watch the Tires

When you leave the vehicle in a parked position for a long time, tires could develop flat spots. They occur because the weight of the vehicle pushes down on the tires’ footprints. This happens faster when temperatures are colder or if you have low-profile tires.

If flat spots appear, taking the vehicle out for a spin may help. However, they could stay permanently.

Driving your car at least once a month is an easy way to avoid the problem altogether. Just make sure the tires are properly inflated.

7. Look for Uninvited Tenants

When vehicles are stationary for a while, they become highly appealing to rodents. Your car is a nice and warm place with numerous safe spots for them to hide.

Rodents may start building a home inside your vehicle and chewing on wires, hoses, and other parts. Or worse, a critter may die inside the car, causing an awful smell.

The simplest way to keep the unwanted neighbors out is to drive the car regularly. Noise and movements will scare rodents away.

8. Maintain the Vehicle as Usual

Just because you aren’t driving the car as often as you used to doesn’t mean you should reschedule oil changes and other maintenance.

Failing to maintain your vehicle may cause unpleasant surprises when you finally need it.

9. Cover your Car

If you don’t have a garage, consider covering your car with a weatherproof cover. It can prevent damage to your vehicle and protect it from weather elements.

Even if you take your car out for a drive once a week, keep it covered in between.

10. Be Ready for the post-COVID Life

The pandemic will eventually subside, and your driving habits will go back to normal. Before you take your car out for a long ride, make sure to:

Keeping Your Car in Top Shape during The Pandemic and Beyond

The key to keeping your car functional during lockdown and shelter-in-place orders is giving it a chance to work occasionally. Simply driving around the block a few times can keep the battery charged, parts lubricated, tires inflated, rodents away, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about protecting your vehicle during the pandemic and beyond, don’t hesitate to contact us at any convenient time.

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Paint Protection Film, all you need to know

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Paint protection film, PPF what is it, do you need it, how is it installed? Porsche cars are paint damage magnets. PPF is the answer.

Check out Darien Detail the guys that did such a great job on my car here

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How To Properly Remove Old Clear Bra & PPF | STEK Clear Bra Series Part 1

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Check out Displate!
Discounts: 1-2 - 33% OFF | 3-4 - 37% OFF | 5+ - 41% OFF

In this video we're removing the old clear-bra/PPF in preparation for a full clear-bra wrap on my Porsche Cayman GT4.

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10 Tips To Picking a Good Clear Bra Installation Shop

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Top 10 tips for when you are looking to pick your next clear bra installer.

XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Benefits
➤ Protect Your Car’s Paint From Rock Chips
➤ Self Healing Clear Bra Film
➤ Keep Your Bumper Looking BRAND NEW
➤ Can Be Removed Without Damage To Your Factory Paint
➤ 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
➤ Crystal Clear Is Invisible to The Eye
Learn more here

Let us help you to restyle and protect your vehicle today with one of our popular clear bra paint protection packages and restyling wrap packages. Now serving the Los Angeles area.

Contact Us Today
Tel: 888-972-7787
Address: 4638 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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How to maintain and wash Paint Protection Film?

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Gordon at Sun Stoppers Uptown Charlotte describes how to clean and keep your car's newly applied paint protection film spotless. Why is it important to keep your film edges clean? This helps with the longevity of the 10 year warranty on XPEL paint protection film.

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How to Polish a Clear Bra: Porsche 993 Turbo

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This is a 993 Turbo with common clear bra fade. I use a very quick technique to "clean-up" the bra so it does not contrast with the freshly corrected paint. This technique is NOT as good as simply replacing the bra itself, but it does look much better than a faded "whitish" bra. Please use caution when polishing bra's, as they do not react similarly to paint. Hope this helps! -L

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Tire Gel Applicator
Festool Vacuum
Milwaukee Packout
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Milwaukee Wireless Spkr
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Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Console
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Festool Vacuum Crevice
Rupes Polisher 21
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