Installing A Clear Bra on a Tesla Model 3

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This Tesla Model 3 was lucky enough to have our Paint Protective Film, aka Clear Bra, installed! This one received a partial kit, including partial hood, fenders, and bumper. This kit will keep your paint looking brand new!! ➯OUR WEBSITE:



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➯We have 2 locations to serve you!

Irvine: 2691 Richter Ave #130, Irvine, CA 92606
Mission Viejo: 23392 Madero # H, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Questions or Concerns:
➯ (949) 637-0296

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How to install Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) Front Bumper

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In this video i will be installing the top half of a front bumper.

ebay pre-cuts

PPF tools

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PPF | VERTEK Paint Protection Film Clear Bra | VPC Software

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Vertek Films, Inc. is a software development & services company and the creator of the Vertek Precision Cut Software (VPC) operating with research, development and design facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

VERTEK VPC is an easy-to-use software developed in-house through VERTEK's global database, offering powerful design tools and an extensive library of precise patterns shaped to match a vehicle’s particular make, model and year. VPC is the industry’s first internet cloud based, film cutting system that allows Authorized Installers to download paint protection patterns directly to a plotter for precision cutting and allows rapid deployment of new patterns as they become available.

When it comes to an efficient and flawless paint protection film installation, we understand that precision is key. That is why we are dedicated to developing the most accurate patterns for pre-cut paint protection films we possibly can. 


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PPF & Ceramic Coating - Cheap vs Expensive | Paint Protection Film - Car Detailing Explained (Hindi)

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Wow! We never realized before how the Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating work have become so expensive over the last few years. We discussed about PPF & other coatings with Shubham Bagul and found out the legitimate costs that should be invested on your car's detailing and maintenance to retain its beauty and freshness.

The Paint Protection Film that is applied to our cars to maintain its paint quality and life, costs anywhere between Rs. 80k to 2 lakhs for SUVs, normally. Whereas, the Ceramic Coating that brings a good lustre to the car's exterior, costs somewhere around Rs. 20k to 70k in most detailing centres across India. Most of them take great care of quality work, however the

Shubham Bagul has spent many years in researching & gaining knowledge about various sources of buying and importing car maintenance and car care products, and the costs with detailing businesses. For all those Indian car owners, who have a low budget and who want to save money on their car maintenance, they can use our tips & sources to buy the PPF and Ceramic Coating products. We can also help in professional applications and installations.

You can call me or message me via whatsapp at: +91-9130483778 (Nikhil B, a.k.a. Nick Zeek).
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If you have any question about any Indian car, please feel free to mention it in the comment below or write to me via social media:

Starring & Review By: Shubham Bagul, Nagpur, MH
Videography: Nick Zeek (a.k.a. Nikhil Borkute)
Scripted & Edited By: Nick Zeek

Equipment Used:
Go Pro Action Cam:
Go Pro Mount Kit:
Go Pro Helmet Mount:
Go Pro Protection:
Mivi BT Headphones:
iPhone Photography & Videography:
Collar Mic for iPhone 11 Pro:
Smart Watch:
GoPro LED Light:
Power Bank (20000 mAh):
Tripod Stand:
Car Charger:

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PPF | VERTEK Paint Protection Film Clear Bra | Dirt Repellent Test

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VERTEK Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a tough, clear barrier that acts like body armor for your car paint. It’s a virtually transparent layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film that helps protect your paint effectively against flying rocks, scratches and stains caused by road debris, tar, dirt, dust, acid rain, bird’s droppings, tree saps, insects and more. It is extremely durable and self-healing.

With our advanced nano technology, VERTEK Paint Protection Film outperforms competitors with its anti-permeation technology by preventing against premature staining and yellowing of film. It is a good investment for your car's future with increase in re-sale value. With VERTEK Paint Protection Film you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle will look like new for years.

VERTEK is a leading provider of paint protective films. With a global footprint, a network of trained installers and proprietary cloud based VPC software, VERTEK is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by providing high-quality products, leading customer service, expert technical support and world-class training.​

VERTEK Weather Armor PPF is self-healing, non-yellowing, and is easy to maintain. VERTEK is partnering with well-known suppliers around the world to source for the most stable and reliable materials offered to customers.

Protect Your Investment Today!


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October 2021 Batch Review | Ceramic Coating Training | Best Car Detailing Training in India

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Brief about Car Detailing Training Course:
Here at the ADA, our aim is to groom budding car detailers and polish the skills of practicing detailers. We have structured this course in a way that detailers can learn and become experts in the field. We cover all car detailing services including ceramic coating, paint correction, polishing, headlight treatment, windshield treatment, interior cleaning, etc. in this course. Course sessions include hands-on-training, theory to understand the machines & chemicals, and auto detailing business training.

About Autofresh Detailing Academy:
The Autofresh Detailing Academy is the Authorized Training Center for Rupes Bigfoot (Italy), Scholl Concepts (Germany), Gtechniq (UK), Detailmax Professional and Aegis PPF (USA). We provide Auto Detailing Training by combining the world's best-detailing machines and chemicals with the correct skill and technique. Our academy studio is well lit, is air-conditioned, has ergonomic seating & tables for theory, stools for practical sessions, a well-stocked pantry, and all the required tools.
ADA is a part of, India's largest online car care & detailing products store.

About the Chief Trainer:
To be a Pro, you need to learn from a Pro
Mr. Anckur Sama is IDA Certified & Skill Verified detailer since 2008 and has been in the Auto Detailing Industry for over 14 years, running India’s first, largest and most successful detailing ventures on both the supply side ( and demand-side (CarzSpa Franchises).
To Enroll For Detailing Training Call Us Today On +91 99240 04567
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C8 Corvette Clear Bra Installation

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C8 Corvette Full body paint protection film using XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint protection film. All glass tinted with XPEL XR Plus.

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Paint Protection Film On Jeep Compass OIIIIO Model S 4X4 Black Facelift 2021 Ahmedabad

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#PpfJeepCompass #PaintProtectionFilm #PaintProtectionFilmJeepCompass #Fortador

Paint protection Film on Jeep Compass Model S 4X4 Black Diesel Automatic.
Got My Jeep Compass protected with paint protection film PPF at Fortador by Lamborghini, Autoism car detailing Studio Ahmedabad.

00:00 PPF Coating at Fortador by Lamborghini
02:00 Interview with Mr. Viraj on detailing of PPF
04:40 PPF Coating Process
05:35 Interview with Mr. Viraj on detailing of PPF
08:50 Jeep Delivery and PPF Instructions

Watch the video for detailed analysis of 360 degree PPF installation.
PPF used
Hexis Bodyfence
and Royaltint for Sunroof
Contact Details for Fortador by Lamborghini, Autoism Car Detailing Studio, Ahmedabad
Mr. Viraj Patel 9687761789

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Disco By Faruk Arslan

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Contact Recordings - Your connection to music.
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The channel was created to promote the already well-known as well as beginning their career talented artists & musicians, record labels, filmmakers & photographers.

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ZLE PPF Install, Camaro ZL1 1LE Paint Protection Film

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little video of

installing Xpel paint film protection

paint protection film

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