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I always hesitated spending money on anything like PPF or Ceramic coating. I always had a notion that these are marketing & money making gimmicks. But when I researched about both then I realised that PPF somewhat is good practical option if you want to protect your car's paint for the long term.

This paint protection film, a kind of plastic TPU sheet protects your car's paint against pebbles, acidic rain, bird poops, swirl marks and small brush ups with fellow vehicles on the road. It has thickness of around 40-60 microns that gives an extra layer of physical safety and keeps your car paint in tact.

I went for Venture Shield 3M PPF (TPU) which had a price tag of Rs 790 per square feet. Total covered area was around 70 feet which included bonnet, bumpers, fenders, headlights, side mirrors, door handles, door corners and quarter area.

To know more about 3M sheet, you can read here

I spent around Rs 56000 in total for these areas in which full detailing inside/out for my car was done before applying PPF sheet.

Is PPF better than Ceramic coacting?


If you are having a hard time deciding, there is a way you can have the best of both worlds! Ceramic coating over a layer of PPF. It provides your car with an unparalleled level of protection. But since this option is usually quite expensive, here is a quick summary of both options to help you choose better.

Ceramic coating:

Cosmetic value.
More convenient to clean.
Keeps impurities off the car paint.
Enhances appearance.
Suitable for use in city roads.

Better protective value against scratches and hard water spots.
Better durability.
Self-heals stops rock chips.
Prevents swirl marks during washing.
Suitable for rough use and driving on country roads.

If your sole purpose for coating is protection, then, without a doubt, PPF is the way to go!

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