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Wow! We never realized before how the Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating work have become so expensive over the last few years. We discussed about PPF & other coatings with Shubham Bagul and found out the legitimate costs that should be invested on your car's detailing and maintenance to retain its beauty and freshness.

The Paint Protection Film that is applied to our cars to maintain its paint quality and life, costs anywhere between Rs. 80k to 2 lakhs for SUVs, normally. Whereas, the Ceramic Coating that brings a good lustre to the car's exterior, costs somewhere around Rs. 20k to 70k in most detailing centres across India. Most of them take great care of quality work, however the

Shubham Bagul has spent many years in researching & gaining knowledge about various sources of buying and importing car maintenance and car care products, and the costs with detailing businesses. For all those Indian car owners, who have a low budget and who want to save money on their car maintenance, they can use our tips & sources to buy the PPF and Ceramic Coating products. We can also help in professional applications and installations.

You can call me or message me via whatsapp at: +91-9130483778 (Nikhil B, a.k.a. Nick Zeek).
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Starring & Review By: Shubham Bagul, Nagpur, MH
Videography: Nick Zeek (a.k.a. Nikhil Borkute)
Scripted & Edited By: Nick Zeek

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