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Paint protection film (PPF) has been trending lately as it offers protection to your paint.

We have other options like Teflon coating and ceramic coatings on which is the best option for your bike or car?

Having a protection layer over your paint is very useful when your temperature is humid and during Harsh weather conditions dust and rocks could damage your paint.

Paint protection film forms a layer over your paint which also helps you to protect from UV rays.

Paint protection layer has to be changed after five years as it loses its Shine and gloss, so how does ceramic coating last after 5 years because paint protection film will start showing its age after 5 years and start to turn yellow.

Ceramic coating has a lower life but it offers a lot of gloss and shine till it is present on your bike or car, this makes it much better in terms of look and feel. Paint protection film for bikes can be used in certain areas where there is higher chances of rust and corrosion.

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