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Paint protection Film on Jeep Compass Model S 4X4 Black Diesel Automatic.
Got My Jeep Compass protected with paint protection film PPF at Fortador by Lamborghini, Autoism car detailing Studio Ahmedabad.

00:00 PPF Coating at Fortador by Lamborghini
02:00 Interview with Mr. Viraj on detailing of PPF
04:40 PPF Coating Process
05:35 Interview with Mr. Viraj on detailing of PPF
08:50 Jeep Delivery and PPF Instructions

Watch the video for detailed analysis of 360 degree PPF installation.
PPF used
Hexis Bodyfence
and Royaltint for Sunroof
Contact Details for Fortador by Lamborghini, Autoism Car Detailing Studio, Ahmedabad
Mr. Viraj Patel 9687761789

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