Ogden Nature Center UT

A 152-acre wildlife preserve and teaching facility in the heart of Ogden is open to the public year-round. The Ogden Nature Center offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages, from walking trails to educational programs.

It was Utah's first nature center, established in 1975. Live animal exhibitions, walking routes, ponds, bird blinds, observation towers, treehouses, drought-resistant plant gardens, and wildlife-protected areas are all part of the facility. It offers kids and adults nature-based workshops and activities, as well as environmental classes.

The objective is to connect people with nature and foster environmental awareness and stewardship. Through hands-on field classes, the Ogden Nature Center brings more than 27,000 students, teachers, and adults together with nature each year. The center is frequently visited by groups ranging from school groups to community organizations. Many wild creatures live in the area, as well as some animals under the care of professionals. The facility is open to the public for exploration and discovery.

The facility expanded in 2003 with the addition of a 6,000-square-foot education building that was built using green building techniques and insulated with recyclable materials.

This is part of Jane Kim's Migrating Mural series. In 2018, she painted three murals at the Ogden Nature Center in Utah with images of monarch butterflies in order to raise awareness about dwindling animal species.

Birds of prey, snakes, tortoises, salamanders, and other natural animal species are among the attractions for visitors. Picnic spaces, tree homes, bird blinds, a viewing tower, and 1.5 miles of walking routes are available outside. With hands-on nature exhibits and a unique gift shop, the Nature Center is one of Utah's greenest buildings. These are some of the activities:

• Photography, art, Utah wildlife, birdwatching, sustainable practices, outdoor recreation, conservation, and more 
• Summer concerts 
• Summer nature camps 
• Throughout the year, special community activities such as Earth Day Celebration, Fly with the Flock 5k Fun Run, and Creatures of the Night

The Ogden Nature Center, which opened in 1975 as Utah's first nature center, has given a location for people to enjoy and learn about the natural world.

Eccles Avenue Historic District
Ogden Clear Bra
1248 N 2430 W Unit B2
Clinton, UT 84015
(801) 896 9538
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