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The Rare Lexus LFA

With only 500 units distributed from Lexus dealers worldwide, the supercar has become an enigmatic legend.

Reportedly, only 170 LFA’s were designated to the U.S., and you’ll be happy to know that Paris Hilton was the proud owner of one of them.

One of the most impressive things about the LFA is that it is a bespoke automobile. Its parts were made specifically for it, and the primary material in its construction was carbon fiber.

In order to create the parts for the LFA, Lexus built their own laser-controlled circular loom, one of only two that exist in the world. They needed it to weave carbon fiber yarn comprised of premium plastic resins into plastic sheets.

Those sheets were then formed into the parts that were used in the LFA. The supercar’s cabin frame, roof panels, floor panel, hood, and transmission tunnel are all made of carbon fiber. Even the key for the LFA is made with it.

The parts are incredibly tough, but they also weigh significantly less than if they had been made with aluminum.

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