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Hi all, Today we will be discussing if you should coat your car, What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating. I did this review having a coated car for 2 years. What ever i said about ceramic coating is with reference to that experience. I have discussed the following in this video.

Myths about ceramic coating
How to wash a Ceramic coated car - I have also demonstrated this
What are the pros and cons of Ceramic coating
If I were to make a decision, will I coat my car again? or should you Ceramic coat your car?

Also many people were asking about Paint Protection film VS Ceramic coating so here are the detail for that 🙂

Opinion on PPFs VS Ceramic coating
1) Both stop chemical stains
2) Both keep car look new for longer
3) Both keep paint safe from the SUN - UV

So Where does ceramic coating excel?
1) Hydrophobic surface as shown does not let water stay
2) Keeps containment/chemical off the paint
3) Its easier to wash a ceramic coated car
4) it gives the car a lot of shine and gloss

And Where does PPF excel?

1)It prevents rock chips - as in if you drive in rocky roads and there is a chance that small stones can damage your paint PPF will save you there
2)PPF Absorbs small and minor scratches
3) Although on paint both PPF and Ceramic coating prevent swirls but on ceramic coating when swirls do occur you can see them and are visible where as in PPF it does a better job at preventing these swirls in the first place
4) PPF Self heals - one of the reasons for reduced swirls...

One down side however of PPF is that its application requires experience and you need to be really confident in who is doing this job. Further more i have not experienced this but heat levels are quiet high in Paksitan.

and happy Ramadan 2021 to all:)

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