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Graphene coatings are now being sold in the detailing world as an innovation over Ceramic Coatings. They claim to have better protection and water spot resistance than Ceramic Coatings, but is it all hype? Join me as I test Ethos Graphene coating against Gtehcniq Crystal Serum Light and learn as much as I can about this new coating.

Correction 6:24 Ethos recommends waiting 1 hour before applying second layer

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Gtechniq W8 v2 Bug Remover-
Meguiar's Super Degreaser -
Autofiber Thick Saver Applicator Microfiber Coating Applicator Sponge -
Autofiber Suede Swatch Coating Application Cloth -
Meguiar's D101 All Purpose Cleaner -
Gloss Meter -

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