Full Car PPF in Ogden Utah

Your car, especially when it’s new, deserves the best protection from road debris, rock chips, divots, and other environmental hazards. The solution? PPF!

At Armored Clear Bra PPF, we are North Utah’s paint protection film specialists, and we can help you apply an entire automobile clear bra.

Full Car PPF on a Ford Mustang Installed by Armored Clear Bra PPF

Why Whole Car Clear Bra is Amazing

When we say full car PPF, we're talking about covering almost the entire vehicle, not just the factory paint.  From the bumper to the fender, grille, hood, door edges, side-view mirrors, fog lights, and headlights, this clear bra can be applied to the high-exposed areas of your car.

You can also choose between a clear PPF and a more modern and natural-looking matte finish, pictured. 

Modern Cars Need Full Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is just as important for modern vehicles as it is for any other vehicle. Vehicle paint gets scratched and chipped over time, and our tough Solargard polyurethane paint protection film is built to withstand small rocks and road debris.

Take, for example, our recent Ford Mustang PPF installation project, pictured. The owner wanted to keep his car protected, and he also wanted a unique aesthetic. With our matte paint protection film, his Mustang looks different from all the other 'Stangs on the road. Plus, it's protected!

Whole Car PPF Q&A

What is the best vehicle PPF?
3M, Xpel, Ceramic Pro, and Avery Dennison all make terrific automotive paint protection films, with hydrophobic properties to repel bug splatter and water spots, resistance to yellowing under UV exposure, improved impact protection, enhanced durability, self-healing properties, and more.  All are variations of highly engineered urethane film or polyurethane film designed for automotive applications. 

Here at Armored Clear Bra PPF, we prefer the paint protection products manufactured by Solargard over other amazing options such as Xpel Ultimate, 3M Scotchgard, and Avery Dennison. 

Why Solargard protective film? We find it equivalent to the competition in every area that matters, superior in a few aspects, and very easy to work with and apply. It's suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and applications, whether you want paint film over your entire vehicle or the front end only.
Can I have full-car PPF coated with ceramic?
Yes, if you are willing to pay the additional cost, Armored Clear Bra PPF can add ceramic coating as an additional hard protective layer over your full-car paint protection film. 

Ceramic offers diamond level hardness in a thin, clear, protective layer that has hydrophobic properties. Armored Clear Bra PPF is Northern Utah's only authorized installer of Adam's Polishes graphene ceramic products, which are the best ceramic coatings on the market.
Does PPF damage paint?
A clear bra should never damage the paint of a vehicle. 

If installed by a trained paint protection film professional, and if properly maintained, the paint protection film should preserve and protect the paint, never damage it. However, avoid using cheap, off-brand, or unproven clear bra brands and materials, and do your due diligence when considering paint protection film!
Does paint protection stop scratches?
Paint protection film is designed to stop light scratches; stopping scratches and rock chips is the entire point of having a clear bra! That's not to say that Paint protection film will stop EVERY type of damage that the world will seek to inflict on your Vehicle. 

Obviously, a serious blow or scrape or accident will go through the Polyurethane membrane that is the clear bra. 

So, when asking whether Paint protection film will stop scratches, the answer is that it depends on the severity of the scratch and how it's being inflicted.
How do you maintain paint protection film?
Paint protection film is made of rugged, durable polyurethane and doesn't need a tremendous amount of maintenance.  With most brands of paint protection film, regular washing and drying of the car and its clear bra is enough. Use a microfiber towel to rub the clear bra dry (just like you do with your Vehicle Paint). Avoid using aggressive cleaning or polishing products.
Can you install a clear bra on your own?
If you're thinking of installing a clear bra yourself, read the instructions from the manufacturer or brand of that particular type of paint protection film. Each will be slightly different.

All clear bra or paint protection film applications involve wetting the surface with soapy water or a water and Isopropyl alcohol blend, and using a squeegee to push excess liquid (and air bubbles) out from under the Paint protection film. Always start in the center and push out toward the edge until the clear bra is smooth and wrinkle-free.

A true paint protection film professional will never cut the clear bra on the vehicle, as this introduces the risk of cutting into the paint. Instead, a professional clear bra installer will either use knifeless tape, or will pre-cut the clear bra out with a template specific to your make and model of vehicle.

For these reasons, it's always better to leave paint protection film installation to professionals who are trained and certified by the brand or manufacturer whose Paint protection film they are installing. 

Full car paint protection film is especially challenging to install perfectly, so we recommend leaving it to the professionals.
How do you remove scratches from PPF?
Many of today's high-tech clear bra brands have introduced self-healing polymers into their Paint protection film. What this means is that light scratches or scuffs on the surface of the clear bra can be healed, either automatically or by a trained professional manipulating the surface of the Paint protection film to induce healing.

However, all Paint protection film is fairly thin, so any aggressive scratch that punctures through the film will probably necessitate removal of that particular section of Paint protection film and a new replacement section installed.
How much does full-car PPF cost?
Armored Clear Bra PPF charges between $4,500 and $7,500 for paint protection film over a full vehicle, depending on the vehicle size and type.
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