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The David Eccles Subdivision, commonly known as the Eccles Avenue Historic District, is a historic neighborhood in Ogden, Utah, located between 25th and 26th streets and Jackson and Van Buren Avenues. It has a population of 2,857 people. It covers an area of 0.52 square miles. In 1976, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Leslie S. Hodgson and Eber F. Piers were the architects of these structures. Later, Hodgson & McClenahan designed the iconic Ogden Art Deco buildings, including Ogden High School, the United States Forest Service Building, and the Ogden/Weber Municipal Building. Shupe-Williams Candy Company Factory, Scowcroft Warehouse, Peery's Egyptian Theater and Apartments, Patterson Building and Eccles Building were some of the most important projects.

The Eccles Avenue Historic District was dominated by one primary building type (Prairie Style). The district's most notable structures are residential residences constructed by Leslie S. Hodgson and Eber F. Piers, two Ogden architects who created a separate neighborhood of regionalized Prairie style variations. There are mostly 2-story brick homes on Eccles Avenue that have hipped roofs, steep eaves, Wrightian windows, portes cohcere (doorways that open), porches, and a 2/3 to 1/3 height difference between the first and second floors.

The majority of the architecturally notable homes were constructed between 1910 and 1930, with the majority of the larger homes being constructed during the settlement decade. The families of Browning (first generation descendants of gun inventor John Browning and Matthew S. Browning), Eccles (first generation descendants of 19th century multi-millionaire David Eccles), E.O. Wattis (of the Utah Construction Company), Patterson, Dumke, Healy, Rowe, and Larkin, as well as other Utah (and national) notables, were among the original residents. The enormous Ralph Bristol House and the Gustav Becker House are located on Van Buren Avenue to the north but are not included in the district. Several families in the district have patriarchal ties to the Jefferson Avenue Historic District to the west (Eccles, Patterson, Healy, Wattis, and Bigelow).

The District was home to a number of renowned families. The Eccles, Browning, Wattis, Kiesel, Houtz, and other families whose names are linked to the homes in the District were influential in Utah's business, civic, and cultural activities. David Eccles, who arrived in the United States penniless, established 54 independent enterprises and gained the title of Utah's "Wealthiest Citizen" through the ideals of hard labor, thrift, and complete independence from outside capital.

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