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....and the winner IS.......

1 Month followup to our decon wash/clay bar from the final 2 year update JUST to make sure doing that didn't change things!

Pretty impressive results. We follow up with a decon wash and then trying a clay bar to see if we get any improvements afterward.

What do you think?

Googledocs Spreadsheet:

Carpro Gliss:
Ethos Ceramic Wax:
Collinite 915:
IGL Wax:
Collinite 845:
McKees37 SiO2:
XPEL Ceramic Boost:
SystemX 9H: (Professional only)
SystemX SS: (Professional only)
Angelwax Enigma:
NuFinish (new formula):
Gloss-It 10H: (Professional only)
Gloss-It 9H: (Professional only)
IGL Premier:
Shine Supply Clutch:
Adams Ceramic Spray 9H:
Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray:
Hydrosilex Recharge:
GTechniq C2V3:
P&S Beadmaker:
Ceramic Pro Sport: (Professional only)
SONAX Ceramic:
Ceramic Pro 9H: (Professional only)
Meguiars M688 Ceramic: No longer available – get this instead:
Mr Fix9H:
CQuartz UK 3.0:
Nano Bond 9H:
XPEL Fusion CC: (Professional only)
IGL Kenzo: (Professional only)
IGL Quartz+: (Professional only)
Gtechniq Ultra: (Professional only)
Gtechniq Exo V4:
Gtechniq Exo V3: NLA
Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light:
Johns360 Avenger:
Drive Victory 9H: (Professional only, but this is their spray coating):
SPS Graphene: (Professional only)
CeramicPro Light: (Professional only)
Gloss It Demon Gloss:
Carprotect 9H:

Products Used in the normal washing process:
CG honeydew Snow foam:
Foam Cannon we use:
If you don't have a pressure washer, use this one:
Water De-ionizer:
Forced Air Dryer:
Electric Pressure washer:
MTM Hydro pressure washer nozzle:
MTM Hydro pressure washer lance:

Webcam used on occasion:
Microphone setup:
Carbon Fiber Tripod:
Sony AX53 4K Camera:
Milspec Prolock Cords:


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