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3M Paint protection film installation !!! How to install a 3M clear bra on a mirror
In this 3m clear bra video i will show you how to install a clear bra on the mirror using 3m paint protection film and a pre cut kit.
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This 3m clear bra installation is getting applied to the mirror of a Cadillac SRX. I am using a pre cut kit and 3m paint protection film. Start by cleaning the surface free from bug acids, dirt, wax and grease. Soak the area with water and baby shampoo. I like to roll up the kit making it easier to back roll onto the hood. Once laid out lift and spray some water on the glue side of the 3m clear bra to make it movable. Now start by positioning the edges as close as 1 mm away from the edge and with a tack solution squeegee out the moisture, once you have one end of the mirror down stretch to the other side, then line up the middle and finish squeegeeing. After watching this 3m clear bra installation video you will know how to install a 3m clear bra on your car.
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Hopefully these links and this video will help you successfully apply the film on your tail lights. If you need any more tips please message me or comment, I'll be glad to help with any questions. Thanks for watching.

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